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SP-1/MP-2C Kit: Small Sentinel Plate Base

SP-1/MP-2C Kit: Small Sentinel Plate Base w/ Doublestack Mag Post. Fits Glock

SKU: SP-1/MP-2C Kit

Delivery time is stock to 30 days.


SP-1/MP-2C Kit: Small Sentinel Plate Base with Doublestack Magazine Post. Fits Glock 45ACP & Others


The SP-1/MP-2C Kit ships with both the SP-1 Sentinel Plate base and MP-2C interchangeable magazine post for your  specific magazine fed pistols.


The Sentinel Plate is the ideal platform to hold your magazine fed firearm for cleaning, repair, building, display, and storage.  The Sentinel Plate is designed to assist everyone from the professional armorer to the recreational shooter with their firearms.


Our wide selection of interchangeable magazine posts attach your other magazine fed firearm firmly to the Sentinel Plate base.


One side of the Sentinel plate has a convenient pocket for holding parts, magazines, or cleaning supplies.  The reverse side is flat for display or storage. 

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