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gm 104 gunners mount

GM-104 - Gunner's Mount

GM-104 - Gunner's Mount® is our 4th generation Gunners Mount platform. We’ve reduced the size of the original plate by 5” and a couple pounds.


Our Gunner's Mount, GM-104 platform is the base for your AR Platform workstation. Customize yours with the accessories you need to build, service or repair your AR rifle.


Ships with: GM-104 Gunner's Mount only


The base platform of our Patented family of firearm workstations. Our systems are tool-less, ergonomically designed and cost effective.


Our Gunners Mounts  are ideal platforms for maintaining, assembling and disassembling magazine fed rifles and pistols. Machined of non-marring synthetic polymer, Mounts available for a variety of magazine fed rifles and pistol. Can be bolted to the workbench or taken to the range. Mission specific cuts and pockets keep parts from going adrift.


You can customize your Gunner's Mount with Magazine Posts and fixtures specific to the tasks you wish to perform:


MP-AR15 - AR15 Magazine Post

SW-2 Large Swivel

URB-AR15 - Upper Receiver Block

LRB-AR15 - Lower Receiver Block

RAB-AR15 - Receiver Alignment Block

GPK-Double sided Trigger - Gunner's Puck AR15 Trigger Puck

TB-L - Tool Bag


Strategically cut for:

  • Our Family of Gunners Pucks®

  • AR Upper and Lower Receiver Blocks

  • AR Receiver Tube Alignment Block

  • Pistol Magazine Posts available for most magazine fed handguns

  • Brownells® AR Front Sight Bench Block


Delivery: Stock to 30 days

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