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GMK-102 - Gunner's Mount Kit with Carry Bag

GMK-102 - Gunner's Mount Kit with Carry Bag

SKU: GMK-102

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Our Gunner's Mount Kit, GMK-102 comes with the GM-102 platform as well as the fixtures needed to service and support your mil spec AR15 rifles.



Ships with:

  • GM-102 Gunner's Mount
  • MP-AR15 - AR15 Magazine Post
  • SW-2 Large Swivel
  • URB-AR15 - Upper Receiver Block
  • LRB-AR15 - Lower Receiver Block
  • RAB-AR15 - Receiver Alignment Block
  • GPK-Trigger - Gunner's Puck AR15 Trigger Puck
  • TB-L - Tool Bag


GM-102 - Gunner's Mount® is the base platform of our Patented family of firearm workstations. Our systems are tool-less, ergonomically designed and cost effective, complete with AR15 Magazine post and large swivel. Ideal for building AR's or servicing your rifle.
List $159.95


URB- AR15 - Upper Receiver Block - URB gives added support both inside and out. Ball de­‐tent pins are provided to securely hold the upper by way of fore and aft takedown points. Vertical pins installed to hold the dust cover in a horizontal position for ease in assembly and disassembly. Machine cut to allow HK416 dust cover vertical pin and fwd assist retention pin.
List $124.95


LRB-AR15 - Lower Receiver Block - Securely holds receiver with takedown and pivot pins. Receiver can be mounted in both upright and inverted position for full access when assembling and disassembling. Use with our Receiver Alignment Block. Ensuring correct 12‐6 alignment of the receiver extension tube. Ensure correct stock alignment. The perfect platform and mount for the armorer.
List $149.95


RAB-AR15 - Receiver Alignment Block - RAB is cut to the profile of the receiver extension tube. With the Lower Receiver securely fitted to the Lower Receiver Repair Block (AR15LRB) the receiver extension is held securely in a true 12-­6 position when taking up on the castle nut.
List $39.95


GPK-Trigger - Trigger Roll Pin Gunner's Puck: The GP‐Trigger securely holds the lower receiver offering full support to the lower trigger guard lips when removing or installing the roll pin. The GP‐Trigger guides off the pistol grip. The lips are the weakest item on the receiver and can easily be snapped or fractured damaging the lower receiver.
List $59.95


TB-L - G.I. Type Brass Zippered Mechanics Tool Bag:

  • Inside Dividers
  • 2 snap accessory compartments
  • Hard fibre bottom
  • 17 1/2" x 9 1/2" x 6 1/2"

List $38.95

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