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APK-GLOCK-MP-2C: Glock Armorer Plate Kit

APK-GLOCK-MP-2C: Glock Armorer Plate Kit with MP-2C Magazine Post for 45APC

SKU: APK-Glock2C

Delivery time is stock to 30 days.


Armorers Plate: Glock Pistols - The ideal tool for the professional Armorer, Military, Law Enforcement or civilian who maintains Glock pistols. Strategically cut to assist the armorer providing an ergonomic work station for pin/part removal and complete disassembly.  The system comes complete with our universal magazine mount and swivel enabling 360 degree rotation and access for cleaning and repairs.


The system includes:


  • AP-GLOCK Mission specific cut base plate
  • SW-1 Pistol Swivel
  • MP-2C Magazine post


Pistols not included.

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