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APK-1911SP: 1911 Armorer Plate Kit

APK-1911SP: 1911 Armorer Plate Kit "Special Package" with 1911 Fixture Block


Delivery time is stock to 30 days.


Our 1911 Armorer Plate Kit Special Package takes our 1911 Armorer Kit and adds the 1911 Fixture Block. 


The AP-1911 holds the weapon for complete disassembly, cleaning, repair and reassembly:


  • The 1911 Plug Capture Tool, our PCT to minimize airborne recoil plugs.
  • The 1911 Armorers Plate, Swivel and Pistol Post for routine dis-assembly, cleaning, and re-assembly.
  • The 1911 Armorers Plate for Main Spring Housing Pin removal.
  • The 1911 Armorers Plate for Barrel Link, Link Pin removal.


    The FB-1911 Fixture Block provides a base for inspection, fitting and dressing of critical components:


    • Check Trigger - Sear fit
    • Holds Grip safety to dress trigger bow interface
    • Hold Thumb safety to dress for plunger interface
    • Hold Thumb safety for sear interface inspection
    • Hold Frame for ease of sear & disconnect installation


      A must for every serious 1911 owner from the casual shooter to professional, Military, Law Enforcement, and Armorers.


        Know your firearm, keep it clean, up to spec, and in operational readiness at all times. Your life may depend on it.


        Ships with:
        AP-1911 - 1911 Armorers Plate 
        FB-1911 - 1911 Fixture Block
        PCT - 1911 Plug Capture Tool
        SW-1 - Small Swivel
        MP-1A - Magazine post for single stack 1911

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