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Present Arms® is a veteran-owned small business that provides professional firearm workstations.

We are sportsmen, shooters, armorers, and military veterans who have a passion for firearms. Our design strategy is focused on tools and solutions that meet the needs of firearm users at all levels.

We offer quality, affordability, design functionality, and manufacturing. Professionals know the leading cause of firearm failure is improper maintenance. Know your firearm, keep it clean, up to spec, and in operational readiness at all times. Your life may depend on it.

Whether a sportsman, armorer, or military, our solutions are cost-effective, armorer approved, field-tested, and built to meet the needs of professionals everywhere. Our products are made to a fare-thee-well.

Courses & Certificates - Mark Jenkinson

  • ArmaLite: Armorers Maintenance M-16, AR10 series rifle

  • Heckler & Koch Armorer: HK-416

  • Heckler & Koch Armorer: HK-MP5

  • Heckler & Koch Armorer: HK-UMP

  • Heckler & Koch Armorer: HK-USP

  • Heckler & Koch Armorer: HK-VP series

  • Smith & Wesson: Handgun Techniques

  • Smith & Wesson: Advanced Defensive Shotgun

  • Smith & Wesson: M&P Center Fire Rifle

  • Smith & Wesson: Close Qtrs Handgun Technique

  • Smith & Wesson: Combat Shotgun

  • Smith & Wesson: Firearms Instructor

  • Smith & Wesson: Judgment Live Fire Training

  • Sig Sauer: 1911 Armorer/Operator

  • Sig Sauer: Introduction Defensive 3 Gun

  • Sig Sauer: Survival Fundamentals

  • Vermont Tactical International Tactical/Defensive Carbine

  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Dept. of State Police, Basic Firearms Safety Course Instructor

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